Q: How to Wrap the Container?

Good day Community,

I would like to ask how to use wrap the container.

Thank you



Could you elaborate what you want to do?

For now I could give you plenty of answers, but without context it's easy to give the wrong anser.

Hi J,

I would like to wrap the container and i adding some css to my container

 overflow-wrap: break-word;
  word-wrap: break-word;
  word-break: break-all;

but still not working

Please see attachment for the image.

Thank you


Hi Jed,

The custom CSS must be referenced by the class of your container, otherwise the platform does not know where to apply it:

Applying CSS with the class attribute       Edit section            

You can specify classes of an element in the Properties Pane either by using the Style Classes or by using the Extended Properties and setting the Property field as class.

To specify classes using Style Classes:

  • In Web Applications insert the class names without quotes and separated by a space (bold red).
  • In Mobile Applications insert the class names with quotes and separated by a space ("bold red").

The above snippet is from Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) docs. Have a look at the CSS specificity at the document just to check if the rules are applied in the order you need.