Select2 and full calendar errors ("is not a function")

Hello everyone.

I'm implementing fullcalendar2 and want to use a select2 to filter the calendar. Turns out that does not work. I already use this component in the application and it works just fine, it only fails with the use of fullcalendar. I've tried to separate in webblocks in different screens and nothing.

In the inspect give me this errors.

How can i fix this. There is some alternatives? I´m consider using the autocomplete logic, but since i´m using the select2 in all aplication i like to use throughout the application to maintain consistency.

Best regards.

Hello Pedro,

Are you getting these errors if you remove the Select2?
The Tooltipster error still happens if you remove Select2?

By the way, Select2 must be bound to a ComboBox, as it adds auto-complete to the combo box.

Also, the page layout, is a Silk UI page layout?

What is your context?


Hello Eduardo and many thanks for your help.

In relation to the first two questions the error continues. I still have the tooltipster error

The page works whit a Silk Ui layout. 

In relation to context. I have a page with a calendar and combo box to filter the data. In these combo boxes I intend to use select 2

The calendar version is: Version 4.0.0

Best regards. 

Hello Pedro,

So, the problem is not the Select2 or its interaction with the FullCalendar.

If I am not mistaken, the newer versions of FullCalendar requires a different version of JQuery.
Take a look here:

A possible solution seems to avoid using the Tooltip from Web Patterns.


The version of jquery that i´m using is

I read in the link that you send, this is the latest jquery Version of the stable version of calendar.

I´m gonna try the solution of avoid tooltip.

I'll post the results soon.

Many thanks

I can not find a solution.

Since I'm out of time, I'll use the autocomplete logic.

Many thanks Eduardo 

Hello Pedro,

The errors you see seems more like the "Silk UI" javascript required to use the Select2 and Tooltips, etc, is not present.

Are you sure that your page is using a Silk UI layout?


Hello again Eduardo.

I´m using Liverpool Theme. The only page that don't work with select2 are the page with calendar. The rest pages work perfectly.

Many thanks  


Went see the FullCalendar page in forge, because I remember see something there.
Calendar version 4.0.0 is incompatible with some widgets, because it replaces (by itself) the jquery loaded by the page for a newer one, breaking those widgets (like the tooltip and select2).

Solution, don't use those (like you did), or stick to a previous version like 3.1.1