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Upgrade to

Hi there,

I am doing an upgrade from to and I notice some problems:
1- extensions that only have a .js file associate now don't have anything
2- Foreign Entities were removed also.

when I did the upgrade I was advised that some extensions couldn't be publicated. When I chek those extensions (ForeignEntities was consired an extension) they are empty (see printsrc).

is this normal? what can I do to restore at least the ForeignEntities?
thanks in advance,
Rodrigo Catarino
I found my problem... Integration Studio!

But nevertheless I need to rebuild the ForeignEntities?

The integration studio doesn't let me publish because the extension doesn't have a .dll file associated.


For the upgrade from versions prior to 3.1 to automatically upgrade the Extensions, the following conditions must be valid:

  • The Hub Server machine must have Visual Studio installed;
  • The Extension must be valid.
To solve your problem and create the Extension's .Net Assembly follow these steps:

  • Open the Extension with Integration Studio;
  • Click the "Update Source Code" button;
    • File -> Menu -> Update Source Code;
  • Click the Resources tree tab (second tab on the left tree):
    • The Extension's source files should be visible and faded in the Resources tree;
  • Right-click any .cs file (e.g. Interface.cs) and select the "Include in Extension" option;
  • Verify and Save the Extension:
    • Press "F4";
  • Your Extension should have been Verified, Compiled and Saved:
    • During this process all the remaining source code files were included as Extension Resources and the Extension's .Net Assembly was recompiled;
    • If any error occurred during "Verifying" step:
      • Double click the error line in the Verify and Save window;
      • Fix the error;
      • Verify and Save the Extension again:
        • Press "F4"
  • The extension should now be ready for publication.


Rodrigo Castelo