Trigger a mobile client action every n seconds

I am currently using AutoRefreshUtils in a web app to trigger a screen action every n seconds.  

Is there an equivalent capability in OutSystems Mobile that will automatically trigger a client action every n seconds?  

Thank you!

I use this client-side script in an expression dropped into the page - not sure if it will work in a mobile app.  Where 'RefreshIcon' is the name of a clickable object in the page to be refreshed and RefreshTime is the refresh interval in ms set as an eSpace site parameter:

<script type='text/javascript'> function RefreshPage(id) { if (document.getElementById('" + RefreshIcon.Id + "')){  var refreshFunction = document.getElementById('" + RefreshIcon.Id + "').onclick;     refreshFunction();     return false;     } } var intervalId = setInterval('RefreshPage()', " + Site.RefreshTime + "); </script>

Hi JM,

You need to do the standard javascript code.

You do have a component for it, did you take a look on this one?