Supported Oracle DB versions

Supported Oracle DB versions


I have a customer who wishes to install the OutSystems platform on an Oracle 10g XE (Express Edition) database, which is a free edition.

The only information regarding supported Oracle versions I came across while reading your installation materials is "Oracle 9i or later".

Is this particular version of the DB supported?

Thanks for your help.

Henrique Capela
Hello Henrique,

The OutSystems Hub Edition is currently certified to run with Oracle The certification for Oracle 10g is on our medium term plans, although not scheduled yet.

Regarding the Oracle 10g XE version, it is currently not supported by OutSystems Hub Edition. We did some tests and there are a number of features that are not available in the free version that are required to run Hub Edition (e.g. partitioning and table renaming).

Since Oracle 10g XE is still in its beta version, we'll keep an eye out for changes to see if Oracle makes the required features available in the free edition. We'll keep you posted.

Best regards,
Rodrigo Sousa Coutinho
Hello Rodrigo,

Thanks for your answer.

In that case, maybe we could install the OutSystems platform on SQL Server and access the Oracle 10g XE database tables as external entities...

Do you know if this Oracle DB supports this kind of connectivity?

Thanks again,

Henrique Capela
Hello Henrique,

We made some integrations between SQL Server and Oracle in the past. We did them using both linked servers and extensions, depending on the requirements of the integration.

From what I could gather creating a DB link from SQL Server to Oracle to read data is straightforward. If you need to write data over a DB Link it is a bit more complicated. This is due to the differences in the way transactions are handled by the different RDBMS.

Regarding the particular case of Oracle XE, I'm really not sure how things will work. Besides the limitations I described earlier, we also had some issues when doing everyday queries to the DB, so I can't really give you any garanties here.

Best of luck,
Rodrigo Sousa Coutinho