Error Service Center (Mobile)

I am getting this message error in the service center and lose the debug when passing through the breakpoint in the image:

Could not get InputStream while trying to get cache resource: /Compliance_MOBILE/scripts/MobilePatterns.jQuery.js?6UFeg3u2ti3W5L7eItUZlA

Hi Filipe,

Are you still experiencing this problem?

Yes sometimes

Sounds like something on the client can't read a cached JavaScript file. Is it only from one specific device/browser? Or many of them? Does it only happen in one environment, or all of them?


No. It happens in all device/browser. Environment for now I don't know yet but yes it sounds like trying to read something that doesn't find. Anyway I think is not a wrong developer code but a outsystems internal bug

I agree, it is DEFINITELY an internal bug, the question is figuring out why it is happening.

The reason I am asking, I wonder if someone is doing a publish at the same time, and the client is looking for a resource that has changed names, or something else is happening here.

If you can reproduce in a browser session, I'd try keeping the dev console in the browser open to the "Network" tab so you can look for HTTP or networking errors at the same you see the message.