hi, we are using freeze pane forge from outsystem. here in "sorce record list"  we provide a variable from button click,Instead of sql query from preparation. my header freeze is not working just because of this. plz provide any solution for this.

Plz check the attached screenshot for source record list. 

Note:If i change source record list to sql preparation then header freeze works for me. but for my problem solution i m unable to use sql preparation. i need to use variable compulsory.

In other pages i use sql preparation in source, n my header freeze works properly.

Hi bharat,

Recently I faced this issue.

What happening is that when you  are clicking from the button, javascript function  is not getting applied to the freeze header.

Just compare for the javascript code from browsers when freeze pane works and when it doesn't work.

You just need to apply that javascript function on button click.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Also note that freeze pane doesn't work on Internet Explorer.