Web modal content is displayed on webscreen and not on a modal

Hi there,

I am trying to use Silk UI Content\Modal, but the content I put inside it is automatically being displayed on the webscreen itself, instead of being shown on a modal, when clicking a button. You can find attached the what I have done. Am I missing something here?

I also tried to use a PopUp Editor instead of the modal, but the popup is taking too long to open (on the loading message) and blinks once when I close it through the "Cancel" button, which is associated with the Popup_Editor_Close. This blinking does not happen when I close it through the default Popup close button.

Can anyone help me this? I feel that this should be really straightforward..


Ana Santos

Hi Ana,

Is the theme you're currently using in your application a Silk UI theme?

No, but I added the WidgetsForLayout pattern and the required CSS, as stated here: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/19273/silkui-is-not-defined/ 

From the print screen you posted, it doesn't seem like you're using a Layout block in your screen. As per the link you posted, you need to add the WidgetsForLayout pattern and the required CSS in the Layout, and not in the screen directly.

I tried that also and the result is the same...

Do you have any idea why popups take so long to open? Cause using a popup editor would also work for me, but in every example I see it takes a few seconds on the loading message, even if the popup has little or no content.


Ana - did you resolve this?  Having the same issue and would love an example of how I am supposed to do what Aurelio suggested.