Image button misaligned when textBox.valid =false


I learn that the image will follow the error message of the textbox and always go to next line no matter how short the width i set to the textbox so that more space could be accomodated.

This is how the image place next to the text box

The image just goes next line when the err message appear.

This is how i code

Does anyone has idea on this?Help!!

Hi Johnson,

What I could see is, you have given combo box and not text box.

Is image going to next line after the validation message?

Can u share the sample eSpace?

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade


You need to change the ValidationMessage display from block to inline-block in your CSS.

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.Not_Valid:focus~.ValidationMessage {

Because if it's in Block it will try to stay in same line until doesn't have more space and then breaks to next line and that will move the image and all components that are next to it (in same line). 

Abilio Matos