filters in the 'View Data' functionality of entities and publishing solutions

It has come to our attention that filters used in the 'View Data' functionality on entities are saved when one publishes a module in service studio. Also when there are errors in the filters (e.g. incorrect logic, or missing logic) these are stored. 

We recently had a solution that kept failing because there was this error 'Condition must be set'.
However, the true change of the module had no reference of this error at all (see the attached snip). What is interesting is that publishing the solution does ' find' this error and complaints.

Why not include this in the true change? Or not complain about the view filters at all.

Hi Shahin..

It should be having a tab X Error, X Warnings...

and for your case it will give 

Required Property Value    Condition must be set.


Ramakrushna Rao Seera

Hi, we are having the same issue

At first there is no error but the error will show up during the solution publish.

Gonçalo Cardoso yes exactly. That is also what we experienced.

I am not sure if this is a bug on the 'View Data' functionality, or the TrueChange/Publish mechanism. 

Yes it looks more of a bug 

Since the view data should not have any implication on the espace compiling.

Well the work around is easy, just remove the filter and publish.

The problem is only see the problem, when the solution is publishing,