Error starting Service Center

Error starting Service Center


I'm installing OHE 3.2. When I get to the part where I'm supposed to start ServiceCenter and set the Hub Server to the desired mode, I get a "The page cannot be displayed" error.
I followed every step in the checklist, double-checked them, I don't seem to have missed anything...

(The installation is standalone, hub controller+node+db, on Windows 2003 Server and SQLServer 2000).

Thanks for your help,

I've found that error, it was linked to an incorrect web extensions installation.
It's solved, but now I get an Object Error when I run ServiceCenter.
Attached is the error description (word document).

Thanks for any help,
Hi Miguel,

You should Install OutSystems Service Center again. In a "command prompt" console, go to OutSystems Hub Server installation folder and run the command SCInstall.bat.

Paulo Silva