Hi everyone,

I'm creating a few webscreens and in only one of them the TableRecords is over the limit. I'm attaching 2 images that will explain better what I'm trying to say,

I've the size to fillparent, I've changed the column size, put on a div,...

And nothing solve it.

Can you help me?

I just want that Consultores looks like Projectos, centered and with the same size. Not getting over the red line.



Hello Ana,

Try setting each cells "width" (either in "px", "pt" or "%", "col" doesn't seem to work)

Hope this helps.

Kind regards

Hi João,

Thanks but already done that and didnt work.

Would it be possible to provide a sample .oml?

Here it goes.

Thanks for your time.



After some digging around it seems this behavior has to do with the table layout algorithm; its default value is "auto" which means that "the column width is set by the widest unbreakable content in the cells".

Looking at this topic in StackOverflow and after some testing, I would suggest one of two approaches:

A- Use a style for the table records with "table-layout: fixed;" to force your columns width to always be the one you defined; Do not forget to set the width of each cell or they will all have the same width no matter what the content is. Furthermore, I would set a style for the cells with "overflow: auto;" to make sure your contents don't overflow out of the cels

B- Use a style for the cells with "max-width: 100px; overflow: auto" where you should replace "100px" with the maximum size you want to allow; this css will set a limit to how much your cells will expand while trying to respect the automatic table layout algorithm.

Hopefully my reply is not overly confusing. Here is the documentation page for applying CSS in O10.



Hi João,

I used the first approach (A) but using "overflow: hidden;" and it worked.

Thanks :)

Glad it worked out, you are welcome Ana.