editable table not updating properly

We're trying to implement a form which is divided in different steps using a wizard. In two of the steps, we have an editable table in order to add certain records which follow a structure that we defined. The data for these tables are stored into record lists defined as session variables (which serve as source records for these tables). The record lists are properly updated when we add a new row to one of the table. However, everytime we refresh the page or go to a different step then return back, a new empty row is automatically added to the table. After debugging, we found out that the session variable record lists we're using to store this information and use as a source record for the tables are incremented with empty rows automatically. This shouldn't happen as there is no append action defined in the preparation. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi Sqimi,

First, storing large pieces of data in session variables is a bad idea, performance wise and UX wise (the latter in case the user logs out or is forcibly logged out and everything is gone). You should really rethink the architecture (most likely by using the database to store results).

Secondly, the Editable Table adds an empty row to its record list so you can add a new item. Since you specify the Session record list (again, don't put large data in session variables!), that's the list the record gets added to.