Local Image = Blah.ListIem1.Content.ImageName

In my mobile app, I have all of the images loaded into the "Images" folder, and a table that has some info, including the appropriate image name.  I have am using a List to display the items to the user - it shows name, descriptions, and ImageName...but I don't want the image name (I know I an delete the field from the list)...but I want to add an Image to the list, but I can't get the image to allow me to have Type = Local Image, and Image = Blah.ListIem1.Content.ImageName

I don't want to host it externally, I simply want to show the image in the list along with the name & description. It is forcing me to select an image explicitly; not allows for data driven selection. 

I also don't want to have an OnClick that does a lightbox or pop-up to show it - poor user experience. 


Hi Richard,

I'm not sure whether there's a question in there. What specifically do you need assistance on?