Self Deleting Videos (like Instagram)

hi i managed to install the video plugin in my mobile app but now i want people to be able to save videos like in instagram whereby videos are on top and i want them to be self deleting themselves...thank you

Hi Musa,

I'm afraid your question is overly broad. Is there anything specific you don't know how to do? (Note: if the answer is "everything", that's a clear sign you're in over your head, and you probably should give the scope a second thought...).

hi Kilian. when it comes to Using a video plugin i have no problem but i want to make one that will self delete at a certain time e.g24Hours...its like posting a ToDo then After 24Hours it self deletes it self.i dont have a problem with using the video plugin .Thank you

Hi Musa,

Are the videos stored locally or on the server? If on the server, you can create a timer that deletes the videos after a certain time. If locally, you could either when retrieving the available videos, or when triggering a sync, delete the videos that shouldn't be available anymore.

they are stored on the server....create a timer and implement it how on the video?


HI Musa,

Do you know what timers are and how to implement them? Do you know how to query an Entity using an Aggregate, and filter on records older than a specific age? Do you know how to delete a record from an Entity? If the answer is "yes" to all these questions, you already know how to do it. If the answer is "no" to at least one question, I would advise you to take a look at the training material, since all of these topics are covered.

If you have a very specific question about how to do a very specific thing, I'm here to help you.


thank you i will do just that ..