Invalid win32 resource files

During the scinstall.bat I got the following message; then I tried it again and it went fine. I also get this occasionally when compiling my own e-spaces since upgrading to 3.2.1.x; again if I re-publish it usually works fine. What might be causing this?

Publishing Extension 'OMLProcessor'...
Publishing Extension 'IntegrationStudio'...
Cleaning up signature cache...
Reading oml info...
Adding eSpace to database...
First time compilation...
Message 1
Id : LastCompilationPhaseError
Type : Error
Message : Internal Error
Submitable : True
Details :
Compilation Error. error CS1583: 'c:\Program Files\OutSystems\Hub Server\share\S
erviceCenter\full\bin\CSC3E8.tmp' is not a valid Win32 resource file
ExtraInfo :
State : Second stage compilation
Service Center Installer v3.2.1.16

Importing 1 extension(s).
Publishing Extension 'RichMail'...
Cleaning up signature cache...

C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Hub Server>
Hi Ken

By any change, do you have installed Visual Studio 2005 or .NET Framework 2.0 in that Hub Server?



Miguel João
No, not on that server, or my own laptop. On my laptop, its VS2003, and dot net 1.1 and on the prod server its dot net 1.1 only

Hi Ken

Thank you for the additional information.

You said that if you republish the eSpace it goes OK. Does this error ever occur again on that eSpace? Or it only happens once for every eSpace, until you successfully publish it?

The error is related to the resource file 'c:\Program Files\OutSystems\Hub Server\share\S
erviceCenter\full\bin\CSC3E8.tmp' not being reconized as a valid resource. If this error only happens the first time an eSpace is being published, my guess is that it could be related to a cache problem with the existent resources at the share directory in the Hub Server root directory. This could be overcomed by deleting it's content.

However, if the error is reoccurring, then it could be related to a mis-version or corrupted DLL in the Microsoft C Runtime Library, namely mscvr71.dll. Make sure this file has the same version and similar timestamp in c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows\\framework\v1.14322.

Best regards

Miguel João
Well, I have double checked, and the versioning of the DLL is the same in the system32 and the directory. It seems to be happeing less and less on the current version of svc studio I am now running (Previous was .16)
Hi Ken

Did you check the share directory?

Just for testing, try this (in a development or test environment only):

1. move way the contents of the c:\progam files\outsystems\hub server\share directory to a backup location, but keep the directory share and make sure is clean
2. publish eSpaces that normally generate the error. you'll need to publish all producers first.

How's that?

Best regards

Miguel João