Log10 Math Function


Is there a system action or extension available for me to use the Log10 math function?



Hi Ricardo, assuming you are running on P10 and on .NET, you can use the following forge component: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/1671/mathexpreval/

All you need to do is to pass the expression Log10(<your value>) to the Evaluate action exposed by the MathExprEval extension. 



Hey Pedro,

Thank for the suggestion. I haven't tested it as the project I am working on is one of the few that still uses JAVA stack however I'll be sure to use it for my future .NET OS project. As for the solution I came up with, I created a query:


This returns what I'm looking for. Not sure about the impact on performance though. If I notice a huge impact I might just create a simple extension.  

Thanks again,


Hi Ricardo, I would suggest you to create an extension. Then you don't have the penalty of going through the network to the database. The code is quite simple it is just ssOutput = Math.log10 (ssInput). 

Greetings, pedro

Creating an extension will be good idea. There you just need to pass input parameter and then get the output. 

In query approach, you will have to write the query everytime and need to copy paste in all actions.