[QR-Code and Barcode Generator] Please Fix the local referencing Issue and update the Solution Package

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Published on 2012-05-26 by Acácio Porta Nova
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Published on 2012-05-26 by Acácio Porta Nova


I tried to use this solution Package, its raising the local referencing Error.

Compilation Error.<br/>referencesProxy\Extension_ImageCodes_proxy.cs(27,29): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'NssImageCodes' does not exist in the namespace 'OutSystems' (are you missing an assembly reference?)<br/>protected static OutSystems.NssImageCodes.IssImageCodes issImageCodes =(OutSystems.NssImageCodes.IssImageCodes)new OutSystems.NssImageCodes.CssImageCodes();<br/><br/>.

Its Aborting the Upload or 1 Click Publish 

Please Fix that issue and update the new solution package.

Thank You,


Manikandan K