Can't upload oml project file to outsystems dev hub server

While trying to follow the outsystems tutorial, I decided to modify the oml file Exercise1.2_Starter.oml with the same steps I was seeying on the first lesson to grasp a deeper understanding of the tutorial. However, I just realized that the outsystems dev hub server refuses this espace. It states that I do not have uploading permission.
I tried to create a new espace from scratch, but I there are certain things available on the Exercise1.2_Starter.oml file that I can't recreate on a new project (there are more style sheets available, etc..)
Is there some workaround that will let me upload my modified version of the tutorial to see how my project would run?
Sergio Bastos
Hi Sérgio,

the eSpace you are trying to upload to the development server (onlinedev) already exists and was published by someone else.
To be able to publish this eSpace you must do two things: clone your eSpace and rename it to a different name.

If you want to learn more about how to clone eSpaces, please see the chapter "Clone an eSpace" from the OutSystems Service Studio help file.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Cláudia Macedo
Thanks, will try this out as soon as I can.
I do have another question, but I will create another topic since it's a different issue.