The taskbox is not visible for a user with human activity in ready status although EPA_Taskbox is active for the system. What else is there to check?

Hello Bill,

Some questions.

1. The task box is enabled for this specific application? 

2. How did you setup your human activity? Are you using roles, user id, groups?

So... Are you completely sure your user can see the task?


Sorry. Did not realize my illustrations were too large and got cut off. The human activity was for a specific user. I logged in as that user to check the taskbox. The application has EPA_Taskbox activated for all three tenants. See revised illustrations.

Hello Bill,

I'll assume that the process was launched by the same tenant where the user is. And as the application is active for the EPA task box, the only other thing I can think of, right now, is that the process is locked. This would prevent the task box from appear.

The process can get locked, for example, if you do changes to the flow of the process after it has started any instance.

You can check in the tab that shows the process.


I got an answer from OutSystems support and will provide it here for the benefit of others who may face the same situation. I don't think anyone who tried to help could have helped me based on the information I was supplying.

When looking at the EPA_Taskbox application that comes with your environment there are three columns. These are Name, Tenant, and Is Active. I mistakenly verified that the Is Active column was checked where EPA_Taskbox was listed in the Name column. This was a misunderstanding on my part. What needs to be done is verify the Is Active column is checked where the module name that you want to use the taskbox is listed in the Name column.