hi can someone help me solve this

Hi Musa,

can you give us more detail about this issue, of if you can attach the client or server action screen going to be wonderful just to understand the issue.


Hello Musa,

When asking for help, it's important to provide enough information, context, what are you trying to do, etc.

Without this information, we can only GUESS about what's the problem and how to solve.

By your error message, I would say that you are trying to fetch a record from the MediaBinary entity, probably using a GetMediaLibrary entity action, but the ID you are passing to it does not exists in that entity.

But even if this is what you are doing (and not something else), It's impossible to tell you WHY are you trying to fetch a record using an ID that does not exists in your entity, as this could be caused by an inconsistency in your database, or an error in your logic.


hi guys, thanks for the reply .yeah @Eduardo you are right i'm  trying to fetch a record from the MediaBinary entity.you are right but how do i solve this error ?.i want to play the audio that i just recorded 

thanks for both your response


The error states there is no record with the Identifier with value 1 (Primary Key in standard database nomenclature). If you want to fix it... you need to either make sure a record with identifier 1 exists or that you pass the right Identifier to the GetMediaBinary action (or aggregate/SQL?).

Like Eduardo explained... with such a vague explanation it's hard for us to give you a more useful answer...

thank you i understand now ...thank you

i tried but let me tell you ...i am trying to be able to post audio instead of text like in a normal todo but save audio but i cant play or post it its giving me this error but different from todo i want it to show userId of who posted the Audio thats all.

Here you seem to be reading a record of the MediaBinary Entity... How are you determining what is the identifier you pass as input parameter to the Get* Entity Action (or that you are using to filter in an Aggregate/SQL)?

this is how everything is set up any idea what i should add or what should be done?

Hi, have you checked at Service Center Error Logs? See if there is any other error when you insert the record.

Check if the UserId column of your entity is being properly set when you insert the recor into the database.

nah i havent how do i check that at the service center error logs? thanks