Bootstrap images to CountryPicture Entity?

Bootstrap images to CountryPicture Entity?


Hello everyone,

I just imported the "Locations" app into my environment and I'm using the Country entity on my testApp (all fine here).

Now, what I would like to do is to mass import an image (flag) for each country. 

For that, I have created a new entity named CountryPicture with the following attributes:

  • Id (Country Identifier)
  • Content (Binary Data)
  • Filename (Text)
  • Filetype (Text)

I have an Excel file with the same structure(in the content column I have the fullpath+filename). Can I bootstrap this into the CountryPicture entitiy? If so, how do I convert the fullpath+filename into binary data?

Perhaps i'm confusing the concepts, but thats what I understood from this answer. If someone could guide me I would appreciate it.