(firebase) configuring problem

Copy the Project Id and set that value to the Component’s SiteProperty "FirebaseProjectId". ...when i get to site properties theres nothing i can post on? so what do i do?am i doing anything wrong?

Hi Musa,

Are you refering to these steps configurations steps?


In your espace module (where you will use the firebase plug-in), you need to create yourself the two new site properties called FirebaseProjectId and FirebaseSecret.

After you publish your eSpace with that two site properties, as explained in the how to, you will able to manage the values of those site properties in ServiceCenter -> Module Management>Site Properties.

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Daniel Martins

thanks man this actually helped thank you bro

hi Daniel im back...im kinda stuck on some step .i dont think its a hard thing but im struggling to find the OnFirebaseMissingDate ...i want to create a new handler for it but it does not give me any option to...its actually step six here https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/25871/how-to-configure-the-firebase-plugin/ .check out the screenshot...can you help me here...


Hi Musa,

Sorry for the delay, are you still stuck?

I believe that Silkui has all the configuration steps required:


hi daniel sorry for late reply too

im no longer stuck there but im stuck on the 'memberList' screen i cant seem to use the action "GetUserConversation" As the source my problem comes when i have to do that "GetUserConversation.(not sure how i continue here)


Hi Musa,

I'm not into the details of that application, i suggest to created a new post explaining your issue inside the app forge Support:

Doing that that, will help you to get the attention of the forge component's team.

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Hello Musa,

The In-App Chat Web component comes with a sample eSpace, and inside there is a screen called "ChatChannel" with the exact implementation you are looking for:

Nevertheless, I'm adding here some steps to guide you in the implementation of that feature:

  • Make sure you have a reference to the "GetUsersInConversation" action, from the eSpace InAppChatCore

  • On your preparation, use that action, with the correct SubjectId, and use the output to set a local variable

  • Use the local variable on your screen to showcase the list of users

members list.png

Please let us know if you were able to solve your issue, or if you need any further assistance.


Samuel Jesus


Thanks a lot guys i found the solution from Samuel Jesus