Massive pdf invoice generation. Which are my choices?


I'm planning an application in which I need to make a massive pdf invoice generation... In lowest scenarios, 6K per day, in hardest scenarios arround 800K. Obviosly, this should be excecute in several separete batch servers, but which extension I should use to create directly pdf without passing before thougth HTML? ITextSharp should work for create PDF, but has no funtions to create PDF available in is interface... Is there another extension available for this purpose?

Thx a lot!

I think you should look at aspose or other tools, but I think the direction will be cloud-based

I'm going to take a look to the cloud-based solutions, but the cost goes up; in Aspose, for example, I should make 3 billable actions per invoce, so in hardest scenario, this would be 50.000$ at month...

Any way, exist in forge some extension to "directly create pdf" or clone from a template and replace text inside? ItextSharp seems to have incomplete interface to create pdf, and I don't find any other component. I could create a Word, fill it, them transform it to PDF, and after that sign it, but would be very unefficient...