Can I build a simple, public website along the lines of "Hello World" on free subs?

New user, looking for a simple learning project not targeted towards mobile. I'd like to understand how I would transition a conventional ASP.NET Azure Web App to OutSystems platform.

Since this is strictly a learning effort at this time, I do not need login security, prefer something easily accessible via URL as a demonstrator POC for potential clients.

I have one day on local "Service" learning, just unsure of my next steps, and more importantly, is this something technically possible within my free cloud subscription?

I strongly advice you to go throught the learning course:

You got several examples and you also got some challenges to figure it out matching your requirements. 

You also have the course that helps you to build a web app in 2 hours!!!: 

Also available for mobile apps (2 hours):

Best regards!