[Facebook Login Plugin] Login fails for some iOS devices
Forge component by Experts

Currently we are unable to pinpoint the cause of the issue. Facebook login on native app shows an error on some iOS device but fails on some iOS devices. The error occurs randomly, with no correlation to the iPhone version, iOS version or the FB account used. The error is consistent, the iOS devices that work always work and the ones that fail always fail. FB login works on every Android devices. Since some of the iOS device logged in successfully, I am quite confident that this is not an issue with API key or other credentials.

I looked into the component itself and it seems that the login Javascript action return an empty value. The cause of this empty value is unknown. I will try to extract the actual error message in the meantime. I’d like to know if someone else have similar issues.

Here is the login Javascript that returns empty value.

And here is the error message.

Sometimes the error message may also show an empty string in place of the email.

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Hi Pasin,

Have you received any solution yet for this issue?


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