Right now I'm creating a "project Assignment" wherein the Admin of the project can assign the specific project to one or many employees.

Can you guide me on how to do this? or is is possible thing to do?

Thank you!


Maybe more details about what you're trying to do is needed, but from what I understand, I  would probably go for a solution like:

1) Have a combo box widget populated with the list of available projects

2) Add a TableRecords or a ListRecords widget with every employee and a checkbox in each row

3) You can select the desired project, and check the Employees to whom you want to assign the project

I don't know how your data model is built, but I'm guessing you have a Project, an Employee and a ProjectEmployee table. When you save, you will create records on the ProjectEmployee table, with the corresponding EmployeeId and ProjectId

Hope this helped

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