How to handle Microsoft Word smart quotes with straight quotes

Can some one help me how shall i handle the smart quote of msword while assigning the same in outsystem.

Eg: I'll call u  back     --No issues
      I’ll call u back   (copied from MSWord. It gives error while insertion in extension)

Hi Tanuj,

I assume that the database you are targeting has a character set that doesn't allow the Unicode quotes that MS Word produces? If it's just the quotes, you could just replace them:

Replace(text, "’", "'")

If it's a whole host of characters, you may need to create an extension that handles code page translation etc.



Sorry I was not able to reply for the solution. My issue was , I had a whole list non ASCII characters (code >128 ), and they were not getting handled in outsystems and while entering in DB some garbage value was displayed.

So i used regex_replace action and replaced  all non ASCII characters with a blank and it worked perfectly.

PFB  the same for reference.


Hi Tanuj,

Great you found a solution. In your original question, you didn't mention it was more than just the MS Word quotes, otherwise I would've suggested something along those lines :).