If I create a Resource in Data Tab on mobile apps, is it still uploaded to Platform Server or is it bundled in Native APK/IPA?


Hi Harlin Setiadarma,

I will Bundled with Apk, Please let me know if it apart from this..



It looks as if Resource items are not bundled with the APK/IPA.  Looking just at Android, and viewing the app through the Chrome debugger, the Resources are not found in the Sources.

If you choose the Deploy Action "Deploy to Target Directory" the Resources are available via a URL pointing to your project... so they are uploaded to your Server.

However... with Interface, Images... the Images are included in the mobile build.

I think Davidk was right.

It was not bundled in APK/IPA.

I have a project using Cisco Remote Expert Mobile (video call customer service), and they only provide webrtc browser sdk, native android sdk and native ios sdk.

No cordova sdk provided.

If I used their webrtc browser sdk, then I need to import some html/css/js from their sdk to apk resources (www folder), so I can call their sdk's html (which does show popup that add more complexity, but that is separate topic).

Any idea to get around this?



I'll be very surprised if that would ever work.  However... start here...


And have a look at this forum post...


Overall, I'd bet you'll spend less time and money if you get someone to create a PhoneGap Build Plugin for you using the iOS and Android sdks.


Yep, webrtc in webview does not work in IOS anyway...

This is not the first time someone has asked about Video Conferencing / Chat for PhoneGap Build iOS and Android.  I wonder why no one has ever tackled a PhoneGap Build Plugin for it.  There are number of sdks around.