Change expression to textbox onClick event

Hi everyone,

I am working on a timesheet application. I am showing calendar when i click on the date to select the month or year of users choice. But the calendar is not working on the expression. How can i perform this?



What do you mean with "expression"? Can you elaborate a bit more your question, or attach your project, or at least a couple of screen shots?

And which component are you using, the default RichWidget's Input_Calendar?

I just created a very simple example. Take a look and see if it helps you.

Hi Melo,

thanks for the reply

I have placed a text box below the date is showing "march 2018". When  i click the textbox the month and year selection widget appears. I have made the text box opacity to zero. I want to make it appear when i click on the "march" text.

I am not using the built in calendar.