How to Remove ListItem LeftSwipeAction and RightSwipeAction at Dynamically.??

Hi Team,

I have a List with ListItem, I have attached ListItem Right SwipeAction and LeftSwipe Action and calling the same Screens on two senarios , 

1- I want left and Right Swipe

2- I don't want left and right swipe enabled.??

Please let me know how to achieve both senarios  on single screen.




Hello Dileep.

You can use the Visible property of the ListAction widget to control whether a particular row has a swipe action or not. If the ListAction widget is not visible, then the row won't respond to swipe movements.

So you can achieve what you want just by passing a boolean value to the screen, and using that boolean value to control whether to allow swiping or not.


Thanks Leonardo, this is what I am looking for..:)