Combobox not enable style


How can I change the style of a Combobox selection text color.

As in example (image) attached I would like that the text in combobox (left) will be black as in the input (Right). (Both component are not enabled


Hello Alberto

Do you want the 'Type' label or the 'Light Car' label to be black?

The Light Car. :)

Hello Alberto,

In the Combobox extended properties, set the style with "color:black;"


Hi Alberto,

Do you want only selected text to show in black color or entire drop down list in black color?


In fact, because the component is not enabled, the user can not access the list. He can only see the select option, that by default appears as light grey and I pretend that the text color will be darker (black)


Thanks Marco !

In fact using the extended propertie (class) I could conditionaly change the text the weight with the bold propertie but color do not take effect... ????

Extended propertie 

Class = If(VehicledEdit,"EnabledText","NotEnabledText")

CSS Code Snippet

    font-weight: bold;
    color: #3cb372;

    color: #0019ff;
    font-weight: bold;   

Even in an enable combobox if I change the text color it only take effect when "open" the dropbox.

Strange !