SEO Friendly URL - Site Rule - Not working for all users

We have set up a Site URL to direct to one of the applications. The redirect from the default website only happens for some users though. Not sure if it is something we need to set on our side?

We are self-hosting, platform version 10.0.710.0

Hey Hanno,

does it happen to specific User Ids or to specific people, regardless of logged in user?

It happens to any user, regardless of whether they are logged in or not

Hello Hanno,

Are you using more rules, and also others than SEO site? 

Can you also confirm if target eSpace is redirecting users to another eSpace?


We have only one SEO Rule in place. should default to UCollectUI eSpace ( Some Users are presented with the eSpace login page, whereas others are presented with a stale, no longer existing (deleted from the file system) IIS Start page.

On our test environment ( though it seems to work quite well for all users and the eSpace login page is presented to all. 

I am suspecting caching is the issue, but where the stale pages are being cached is a mystery. 


Thank you for the input Marco and Jorge.

The issue appears to have been caching that was enabled on the reverse proxy in our hosting environment.