ORA-1748 only simple column names allowed here.

Hi , 

im getting following error while running sql query screen shot is attached.

here is my query.

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select *
from   (select {TimeSheetEntries}.[TimeSheetDay],{TimeSheetEntries}.[ProjectTasksID],
{TimeSheetEntries}.[EffortHours] from {TimeSheetEntries} 
where {TimeSheetEntries}.[TimeSheetDay] between @StartDay and @EndDay
pivot  (sum({TimeSheetEntries}.[EffortHours]) 
         for {TimeSheetEntries}.[TimeSheetDay] in

Hi Ali Hassan,

Does the SQL snippet you just pasted run without any error when you use it directly on your Oracle database (replacing {TimeSheetEntries} with the correct table name and the [TimeSheetDay], [ProjectTasksID], [EffortHours] with the corresponding column names)?

Like Leonardo already explained in your other post, OutSystems does minimum manipulation of your SQL, the error you're getting comes straight from the Oracle database you are using.