[Microsoft Login Connector] Microsoft Login Connector - 401 Unauthorized in reading the token

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Published on 3 Jul (3 weeks ago) by Paul Davies
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Published on 3 Jul (3 weeks ago) by Paul Davies


I'm having an issue in using the Microsoft Login Connector, where in the process throws an error at step 2 of the authentication. I've attached the error screenshot. Essentially it looks like the return code from Microsoft Login services is not read correctly by the callback page. Ran a fiddler to see if there's any information and it showed that there is an internal error with the object being moved.

I think the issue is with the code being returned to a callback URL rather than the origin URL. But struggling to find a fix. New to outsystems, so learning my way through. Any ideas?

Hi Hasitha,

Sorry the delayed answer. Can you give me more detail, please?  

If you can please do a debug. Add a breakpoint on the Callback preparation (is attatched an image) and copy the response that you get from the action "GetRequestContent". 

Also add a  breakpoint on the "OnAfterResponse" and copy more details about the error that is being thrown there.

I really want to help, please when you can give me more details.