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Published on 25 Oct by Davide Periquito
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Published on 25 Oct by Davide Periquito

Is there a Howto on how to configure the TestFramework?

Hello Mathias,

I don't know if this video is what you are looking for, https://youtu.be/Md4TP3u7loc (You can find it at the end of the details page). By following this video you should be able to start working with the Test Framework.

Please let us know if we should include more content to the video.

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There are various site properties and integration endpoints. What should be the values of them and why?

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Hi Davide,

we are using Test framework in our project and it was working fine till now but recently we have few actions defined in logic tab in which we are using session variables and in test framework we used to call the pages using internal.app url but if we use this internal.app url our session become invalid and hence our test got failed. Have you faced such issues in past and is there any solution for it.


Manish jawla