How to simulate location on iOS application


How can I simulate device's location on Development build of iOS application?

To have coordinates when testing in browser, I set the default value of Latitude and Longitude to the place I want. Then, if GetLocation was successful, I update the values to the correct ones. If the GetLocation failed, at least it has one place.

To simulate locations, the logic is the same. Just set the coordinates you want and make sure the logic won't overwrite with what GetLocation says.

Hi Nuno,

Thank you for suggesting.

I don't think it will help in case if I want to test for example geofence plugin and not actually moving around with the device. On Android there are apps like Lockito and they can override devices location data and on Xcode simulator it is also possible but as I can't have OutSystems generated Xcode project sources to run in IDE directly this option is not helping.



That's a good case. I would test in Chrome with some geolocation addon.

From the Forge I see you are the main user of the component.

I'll try to find an answer over the weekend.

I've played with GeoFence and it is quite closed. To change the coordinates you'd need to change the component and send them with the call.

The only solution I came up with, is if iTunes web inspector allows to change the coordinates.