Section Expandable with List/Table Records


Is it possible to repeat a SectionExpandable depending on the results of the Table/List Records Aggregate ?

For example, I have an Aggregate that returns a ForumName and ForumPosts (for each ForumName). And I would like to have one SectionExpandable for each ForumName (Title of SectionExpandable) with the specific ForumPosts inside (Content of SectionExpandable).

I've tried doing this but its creating a new SectionExpandable for each ForumPost and repeating the ForumName as  the Title of SectionExpandable).

Can someone guide me?


Hello Hugo,

Easiest way:

1. Create a web block with input parameter ForumId (Forum name)

In its preparation, fetch posts for this forum.

In web block canvas, put a table/list records to show the post.

2. In page preparation, use aggregate to fetch only forum (forum name).

In screen, setup your list with expandable section, using forum name from list.current.

In the content area add the web block, passing the id name of forum to  it (from list.current).

Just remember this will have impact on performance.



Got it working ;)

Many thanks for your help.