BPT Process Changing Best Practice?

What is the best practice for changing BPT Process.

For example, I have a single approval process like:
start -> approval human activity -> send email -> end

Then after app go live, with so many process still unfinished, I add a second level approval.

start -> approval human activity -> finance review -> send email -> end


1. Does unfinished process suspended, or still go with original/old process route after approval (send email)

2. What if I want to re-route unfinished process to the new one (after approval, go to finance review), how do I do that? Do Outsystems have controls for that in Service Center, or do I have to programmatically do that using BPT API? Any tips how to do that?

3. What is the best practice for this situation?


Hello Harlin

I would say that what you want to know is here:


In your specific case, adding activities AFTER the point where current active processes instances are stoped will not have impact and the new flow will be used.

About if the process will be suspended or not, I would say if I remember well, in this case, they shouldn't, as there is no need. But not sure.

About previous process already finished with old flow, they are already finish. If you need to guarantee that they need the new approval, you will have to create extra logic for deal with this situation.