Well I have tried for a long time to get this to work...

I have a drop down with an OnChange Screen action that populates a carousel as below...

However, I want the carousel to skip to the last slide.  But I have no idea why I cannot get a Javascript event to do this.

I have tried multiple approaches including , setting a script in the Screen Action:

Setting a Script in the refreshed Container:

and several others as well....

Ideally, I would like to the Carousel's direction property to RTL which I think would elegantly achieve the same result, but when I set an extended Style property of "direction:rtl;" on the Container holding the carousel ...

... it jumps to the right most page, but the slide images disappear:

Because of the Javascript format you're using... I'm guessing this is a web app.

I haven't tried with Web, but with Mobile... the Carousel has an Action... CarouselGoTo.

For a simple test, I've dragged CarouselGoTo into a button onClick Action.

Hope this helps a bit.

Hi David

thanks for the response - yes I am using the WebPatterns.  

It would be good to understand how I can apply a class to the carousel element Like the rtlClass shown on the owl-carousel website https://owlcarousel2.github.io/OwlCarousel2/docs/api-classes.html

Kind regards 


Using the web patterns carousel, I am trying to jumpTo the last slide when the carousel is displayed. 

The version of owl Carousel in SilkUI is v1.3.3 however, the online documentation for this version is limited as the current version of owl Carousel is v2.2.1.

I believe the answer lies in this link;


But I am not sure how I can do this in Outsystems.  How can I set a jumpTo event to trigger on a afterinit callback function?