System user table displays no record to show


     System user table displays no record to show when I gave view data in one application but  record is displayed in other application

Hello Karthik,

Can you tell if your application uses a different User provider eSpace?

Because then you will see no Users until they are also created there.


What I am trying to do is migrating data from old data model to new data I created an application within same environment in which I created a module which contain data model of old and new data model in order to migrate data.

        In new core  data model systems user records is available,but only in new application where I integrate old and new data model.system user table is empty 

        What I thought was user table record remain same across all module within same environment so I no need to migrate user record

        If what u say is the reason then I need to migrate data from old data model user table to new data model user table.And user id also changes know.


Hello Karthik,

Yes, when migrating data the identifiers will be different (so you need to address this).

But check first, whether the issue is related to a different user provider between applications.


Hello Marco Arede,

                                  Yes when I change the option user provider as users ,user records are displaying .what is the use of using user provider as current espace.

             Suppose if I use the user provider as current espace then how can I fetch data from older user table in order to load data into new user table.

           Thank you very much for your replies

Hi karthik R,

in our company we are develop a multitenance application, and, I think that the user doesn't display bacause that module depends of another application, and de comunications between them happens when you run the application you are develop.

My recomendation is debug the application and see with the for each the users that you are getting for from the user table. 

hope this help.


Hello Karthik,

One of the purposes of using different user providers is to contain the users to one application.

In case you need to migrate data from applications that have the same user provider you do not need to copy users as well. However if they are using different user providers, then you need to copy the users (if you want to maintain data isolation between applications), and this a decision you have to take depending on what you want to achieve (isolated applications or dependent ones).

Then, in case you want to copy the users from applications, your application data migration manager, needs to consider also the context where it is, regarding the correct tenant that you are copying.