Set cursor to the first record in List variable or Aggregrate


I learn that once a list has been looped, its cursor will always at the last record,

in some situation, i need to loop the list twice.This will become a problem for me for the cursor always pointing the last record

Does anyone has idea how to move the cursor to the first record after looping?

Hi Jonhson,

I have an Idea why you don't use a variable to count the first iteration and when the index of the first iteration is done with and if statement control the access to the next iteration.

I don't know your app but, I hope this Idea works.


Hi Omar, 

after the first looping, i learn that the cursor will always stop at the last records even i try to loop again.

Would you mind to share in detail on the your step?


before star the first loop, set the acount variable to 1, then you gonna iterate your list, after that use and if statement, if acount = 1 then, before start the second iteration initialize your count variable to 0, go to second iteration and that is it.