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Published on 2 Oct (2 weeks ago) by Labs
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Published on 2 Oct (2 weeks ago) by Labs

hi all,

anyone can explain me which steps i have to do for firebase analytics in mobile? i put firebase plugin and use NotifyEvent of it but error me "there is no firebase instance" but i see visit logged in firebase console!!! then i put generateToken action before it and again error me generate tokenExt not compatible ... please guide me how can i use firebase for mobile analytics i want do such google analytics mobile i want to know how users visits my app screen and i can fire custom event

i already can use firebase FCM but i can not do anything whith firebase analytics



Hey Omid,

I too face the same error.

there is no firebase instance

In case if you figured it out. Please let me know.




Looks like someone have created a plugin to implement the Firebase Analytics.

Check it out: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/4991/

In the support tab you also have a configuration tutorial to setup everything correctly.

Best Regards,