Site properties with 4Layer Canvas

Hi all,

I am implementing and application using the 4 Layer Canvas architecture and i was trying to use some Site Properties (SP) but got some questions:

  • Which layer should have the SP?
  • Are the SP defined in Core Layer available to the upper layers?
  • If not, best way to replicate them? Using Public Actions?

Best regards,
Abílio Matos

Hello Abilio, 

1) That depends of the usage of the site property you want to define. Sometimes you need it in CORE modules, sometimes you need it just in UI modules... I think that are no specific rule on this one.

2 and 3) Site Properties are module based, one way to get them is in fact what you mentioned, create a public action to return it. However, take in mind that dependencies will be created between those modules. One way to 'mask' these dependencies is to create 'domestic' webservices.

Hope that clarifies you.
Best regards

In addition to what Paulo said, dependencies between modules in a layered architecture is no problem at all, provided that the dependencies only go down or sideways.

Hi Paulo,

Thanks for your anwser, as it helps a bit.

I got this question, since my application will have a webblock (made in Core layer) which will use a custom mask input and i was planning on using some Site Properties to define the Currency and Decimal Separator and not sure if using this webblock on End-User layer will have problems if Site properties were updated.

Abílio Matos