Can you add entity attributes to a process Wait activity Close On?

I have a Wait activity in a process. It needs to wait until a deliverable is marked ready for approval. I have an entity attribute called Ready for Approval. But, when I go to setup the Close On for my Wait activity, the attribute I want is not listed and I see no way to add it. How can I access the attribute I want?


Hi Bill,

According the documentation, the allowed attributes for Entity Attributes of Process Activities are the entity's primary key and reference attributes. These attributes are displayed after an entity event has been selected in the Close On property. Make sure your attribute meets this requirement.

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Hi Bill,

As told above may be you can make a static entiy that is referred to by the Ready attribute.

I don't understand why primary/reference keys are the only allowed here...


You can just make Static Entity YesNo with only 2 records: Yes and No.
And use it for all your Closed On boolean needs.

You saved AOs license that way, instead of creating many static entities...

Thanks to all three. Together you brought a comprehensive solution that worked.