Resubmission Scenario

Hi there, 

I am trying in the personal cloud environment to show:


- there is a form with submit method and then in the submit action it navigate to OTHER page (use external URL).

- then when i press back button on the browser, i want that message above shown up.

Unfortunately, i am fail to create that scenario.

How to create that scenario? Thank you.



Hi Gede,

When you navigate back on the browser you're typically not resubmitting anything to the platform server, as the browser keeps a cached version of the screen it was showing and just renders it again...

Are you experiencing the resubmitting behaviour in your OutSystems application?

Hi Jorge,

yes, in the on-premise environment, after login, then it redirects to homepage, and when click the back button, it shows that message. Is there something to do with the server application setting?