Lisbon Responsive theme problem


I am using Lisbon theme for my web application in outsystems. I think its responsive theme  but i am not getting the required responsive view on the phone. I am attaching the screen shots. Anyone there who knows how to fix this?

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Hi Hassan,

are you using a personal environment? or an enterprise environment (on the cloud or on premises)?


Hi Hassan,

It seems like you are trying to create a form and make it look batter in mobile view using Silk Ui Theme.

In Silk Ui, page can not break automatically so you have to use Silk Ui Structure pattern to divide the page into two or more pieces so that your form will look batter on mobile and web  both.

Look at the below Screen shot.

You can break your content in several ways.

hope this solution will resolve your problem.

Thanks & Best Regard's

Ali Hassan


Hi ali thanks for the response.

yes this solved my issue. Thanks alot