OutSystems Auditing Tool (License Request)

After a platform upgrade (3.x -> 4.0), a compatible license request can take some time to be processed. This is not an option in a production environment, due to the footer notification added by 4.0 for non-production licenses.

So, for speeding up the license request, we can use the OutSystems Auditing Tool for gathering the necessary data for the license request, *prior* to the upgrade itself (at least in a 3.2 release).

- Can this tool be used in a 3.1 environment?

- In a farm, is it necessary to use the tool in all servers (admin nodes, hub nodes)?
Paulo Ramos
Hi Paulo,

The Auditing Tool is certified to work with any version from 3.1.3 upwards. Plus, you only need to run the tool on the Hub Controller, there’s no need to run it on the Hub Nodes.

Hope it helps,

Rodrigo Castelo

Paulo Ramos