I'm developing a mobile application, and a REST service was created that we invoke whenever we navigate from page to page to indicate if the server is in maintenance through a boolean, making it work as if it were in offline mode

This service is created in a personal account of Outsystems. And at this moment I want to move this service to another place, like a cloud, that is external to the internal servers where the application is hosted.

My idea of options would be to host this service in one of three clouds:

  • Cloudflare
  • Amazon
  • Google

I was coming to ask if anyone had a concern about something similar and have to choose one of these solutions or even others?

Thank you all,

Miguel Verdasca

Hi Nuno,

Are you planning to replace the OutSystems REST Service by another one that you host in the cloud? Are you planning to host OutSystems somewhere in the cloud? I don't quite understand your scenario...


I need to have a service, separate from the server where the maintenance is performed (that is, where the application is hosted). At this time, this service is on a personal account of Outsystems, which isn't functional.

The service only contains a site property, which is changed manually, every time a maintenance is started, this service is invoked in the application that is hosted on the server that goes into maintenance.



I still don't fully understand the use case of the service. What do you do once the server is in maintenance? What do you do with the signal from that server?

That said, if your service is bound to OutSystems, you can select one of the OutSystems hosting options. But it may be pretty expensive for what it does.

Let me see if I can explain from another perspective.

The server that hosts all of the client's applications is on premises.

Every once in a while the infrastructure will need maintenance which will implicate a shutdown of the server.

Whenever the mobile application is accessed (in production) and tries to access the server it will not have success. We could, of course, go from there and show a "no availability" or "server offline" on the mobile app to indicate this. But, we want to distinguish a maintenance from a possible error on the server.

That being said, we use a service that is allocated on a personal area, that simply has a site property, ("isOnMaintenance").

Whenever the techs will start a maintenance process, they change the site property to true.

Our mobile app always pings that service (whenever navigating to a new screen) and checks if the server is unavailable due to the said maintenance.

What we need now, is a better alternative to having a service with a site property hosted on a personal environment.

Hopefully, this will clear up our intent.

Thank you

Nuno, Hi:

I am new to OutSytems and needed to find out the following:

If I develop a mobile app using my personal account, can I host MySQL in the personal apsace and still be able to publish the mobile app to Google Play and Apple App store?

If not, what are my cost effective hosting options?

Please advise.




Hi Miguel,

I would suggest a different solution to the problem, namely:

- Once the infrastructure goes into maintenance mode, have a simple maintenance page and redirect every HTTP request arriving at the load balancer to that maintenance page. It is also important that the HTTP status code 503 Service Unavailable  is returned.

- At the application level, make sure that status code 503 redirects the user to a maintenance page of the application itself.

This should work. In addition, you avoid having an external application to manage maintenance and you don't have an extra http call every time a user navigates between pages in normal conditions.

Greetings, pedro