Tip: Web.HttpException logged after upgrading to Hub Server 4.0

Tip: Web.HttpException logged after upgrading to Hub Server 4.0


In some environments, after upgrading the Hub Server platform and the hosted factory of eSpaces to release 4.0, the error logs of the applications may show several error messages like:

Exception of type System.Web.HttpException was thrown.

These messages don't usually have associated a specific User Id or a Session Id.


These error messages are issued by the web server, due to web requests for files that do not exist. As stated in the Side Effects and Breaking Changes in version 4.0.1 document, one of the changes in the 4.0 release of the Hub Server is the application filenames (namely, the .apsx files, among others). In previous releases, the naming of the files was based in the key of the objects, resulting in filenames like node3435343.apx or node3423.js, and so on. Now, in 4.0, its based in the name of the objects.

In the regard, if users kept application pages links in their favorites or bookmarks, when accessing them after the upgrade an exception will be raised and logged in the Service Center. With that in mind, its possible to detect in the IIS log files the web requests for these deprecated filenames.


Since this is a client side issue, the users should be informed that bookmarks to application pages other than known entry points may be outdated, and should corrected.

Hope this information is helpful.


Miguel João